Can Possums Eat Cat Food?

Possums eat cat food refers to whether opossums can safely consume dry or wet commercial cat food. Possums are marsupial animals found in North America and sometimes visit homes and yards at night. Cat food is readily available, but can it harm possums if eaten.

“Can Possums Eat Cat Food?” This is a question many homeowners have when spotting a possum lurking near their cat’s food bowl late at night. Possums are frequently seen in yards and many wonder if these shy marsupials will be safe consuming commercial cat kibble or canned food left out.

While possums may be drawn to the smell of cat food, not all varieties are suitable for their diet. Cat food lacks certain nutrients possums require and some ingredients could upset their sensitive digestive system. It is generally best to avoid feeding possums cat food and instead provide options like dog food, produce or protein meant specifically for wildlife consumption.

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What Do Possums Normally Eat?

Possums have a varied natural diet in the wild. They eat foods like bugs, eggs, plants, fruits and small animals. Possums forage at night looking for whatever they can find to eat.

Possums Like To Snack On Cat Food As An Alternative

While cat food may attract curious possums with its smell, can a kitten eat adult cat food it does not provide all of their nutritional needs. As omnivores, their diets require more variety than cat kibble alone offers. While an occasional nibble of dry food would not likely cause harm, cat food is not their ideal meal.

Is Cat Food Nutritious Enough For A Possum’s Diet

Cat foods are formulated to meet the needs of domestic cats, not wildlife. They lack some nutrients important for possums. The proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in cat food may not balance well for a possum’s long term health. Regular cat food does not substitute for their natural diet variety.

Cat Food Upset A Possum’s Delicate Digestion

Possums have sensitive digestive systems well-adapted to their native foods. The ingredients in some cat foods like added preservatives, colors or flavors might possibly disrupt a possum’s GI tract. Too much rich cat food could also cause diarrhea or other issues. It’s better not to risk problems and stick with native foods outside.

How To Keep Possums Away from Cat Food: 11 Great Ways

Keeping possums away from cat food can be achieved through several effective methods. Firstly, elevate the cat food bowls on platforms or shelves that are inaccessible to possums, as they are skilled climbers. Secondly, install motion-activated lights or sprinklers near the feeding area to startle possums away when they approach.

Another great way to deter possums is by using natural repellents such as citrus peels, ammonia-soaked rags, or cayenne pepper sprinkled around the feeding area. Alternatively, consider placing physical barriers like wire mesh or fencing around the feeding area to prevent possums from accessing the cat food.

What Do Possums Eat?

Possums are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They have a varied diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, insects, small rodents, birds, eggs, and even carrion. Possums are opportunistic feeders, often scavenging for food in trash cans and compost piles.

Their diet varies depending on factors such as season, habitat, and availability of food sources. Possums are known to eat a wide range of foods, adapting to whatever is accessible in their environment. Their flexible diet allows them to survive in diverse ecosystems, from forests to urban areas, where they can find food easily.

Which Types Of Cat Food Are Best – And Worst – For Possums?

For the rare occasion a possum samples cat kibble, an all-natural or limited ingredient formula might pose less risk than regular varieties. Ones without added dyes, flavors or many grains would avoid digestive upset. But none are as good as native foods designed for wildlife.

Wet Vs Dry Cat Food – Which Does A Possum Prefer To Eat

Wet Cat FoodDry Cat Food
Possums are often drawn to the strong smells of canned cat food. The liquids and textures tempt them to lick or take a bite.Dry kibble lacks appeal for most possums. They show little interest in nibbling or sampling solid dry nuggets.
The moisture and fish/gravy flavors entice natural foraging instincts. However, the high calorie liquid base risks overindulgence.Bland dried kibble is easily ignored as not meeting preference for juicy, aromatic foods. This makes dry safer from a dietary perspective.
With canned food, possums potentially consume large amounts quickly if gorging occurs. Their GI tracts can’t handle rich liquids in excessive quantity.Dry food prevents rapid consumption due to its low moisture content. Possums may sample but are less likely to overeat dry kibble by mistake.
While more tempting, wet food presents greater risks to possum health due to high fat and risks of binge eating.Less appetizing texture protects possums from dangers of accidental cat food dependence or obesity from dry kibble.

Is Grain-Free Cat Food Better For Possums Than Regular Cat Food

Grain-free formulas more closely resemble the protein and fat sources in a possum’s natural diet. Corn, wheat and soy-containing foods provide less nutritional value. Limited ingredient varieties would be the best choice over regular cat foods if possums insist on sampling, but native foods are still healthiest.

Possums Avoid Eating Cat Food With Certain Ingredients

To avoid digestive issues, possums are best off not eating any cat food. However, if encounters cannot be prevented, cat foods containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives pose the highest risks. Stick to simple, meat-based canned foods without many additives if exposure is inevitable.

How Much Cat Food Is Too Much For A Possum?

An occasional bite of cat kibble likely causes no harm. But a possum that receives most of its calories from cat food instead of natural foraging is at risk. Their needs cannot be met by cat food alone, and too much rich food could cause obesity or imbalances. No more than 10% of intake if any.

Point Does Consuming Cat Food Become Unhealthy For A Possum

Relying primarily on cat food means important nutrients may be lacking. Issues could develop if over 25% of typical dietary intake comes from cat food rather than natural range of bugs, plants and fruits. Obesity would also signal too much cat food is consumed versus normal foraging. Signs like lethargy or skin/fur changes also indicate health problems from an imbalanced diet.

Frequency Of Eating Cat Food Affect A Possum’s Health

Snacking on cat food once a week likely does no harm. But eating it daily means other critical foods are missed. Frequency matters – occasional tastes are safer than making cat food a possum’s main or only food source. Their bodies need time to adjust between natural diet and cat food. Less is better to avoid dependence and health risks.

You Know If A Possum Is Getting Too Fat From Eating Cat Food

Possums that are visibly overweight with rolls of fat instead of a lean appearance may be getting too many calories from cat food. Their natural diet aids weight control. Overly rounded possums that have trouble walking or climbing also indicate excessive weight gain posing health risks like diabetes or heart problems from relying on an unbalanced food source.

What Should You Feed Possums Instead Of Cat Food?

Providing natural alternative foods allows possums to meet their nutritional needs. Dog food formulated for wildlife offers balanced proteins and nutrients. Uneaten fruits, vegetables and mealworms from the garden suit their digestive systems better than dedicated cat foods.

Common Human Foods Can Possums Safely Snack On Besides Cat Food

 5 common human foods that possums can safely snack on besides cat food

  • Fruits – Ripe fallen fruits like apples, pears, peaches and berries provide possums with natural sugars and vitamins. Fruits do not disrupt their digestive system.
  • Vegetables – Hardy veggies such as carrots, greens, broccoli and winter squash supply nutrition. Possums can easily digest small servings of chopped produce.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs – As occasional treats, boiled eggs offer protein without additives. Possums will happily eat egg scraps left in shells.
  • Unsalted Nuts – Natural whole nuts like acorns, hazelnuts and walnuts aid energy needs. Possums have strong jaws to crack open shelled nuts for meat and fats.
  • Pet Food – In moderation, unseasoned dry or canned dog food formulated for wildlife meets all nutritional requirements better than cat foods alone. Specialty omnivore feeds balance needs.

Are There Any Wildlife-Safe Commercial Feeds Better Than Cat Food For Possums

Specialty feeds for omnivores blend grains, seeds, nuts and dried insects to nourish many wildlife species. Formulas intended for generalist feeders take gut health and nutritional requirements into account. These commercial blends more safely substitute occasional treats rather than dedicated cat foods.

You Avoid Attracting Possums To Your Yard While Still Feeding Stray Cats

Keep cat bowls a few feet apart and on separate surfaces to tell the animals apart. Feed cats well before dusk to avoid competition. Clean up any leftovercat food instead of leaving full bowls out all night. Motion sensor sprinklers deter possums without hurting them.

Should You Encourage Or Discourage Possums From Eating Cat Food?

Should You Encourage Or Discourage Possums From Eating Cat Food?

It is best not to depend on or encourage wildlife to consume inappropriate human foods long term. Tolerating rare accidental cat food access poses less risk than intentional long term supplemental feeding. Removing all access maintains natural foraging and avoids changes to local habitats or possum behavior.

Is It Better For Possums And Cats If Possums Stay Away From Outdoor Cat Food Bowls

Having separate and unassociated food sources prevents competition, territorialism or disease transmission risks between these species. Possums remaining wild and self-sufficient causes the least disruptions to natural behaviors or local ecologies. Complete separation allows harmless coexistence.

Situations Would Feeding Possums Cat Food Be Acceptable

Only in emergencies like injury or starvation would hand-feeding small amounts of cat kibble until wildlife care arrival be reasonable to prevent death. Otherwise artificial feeding risks dependencies, obesity, imbalances and changes to wildlife behaviors that disrupt their environments.

Are Some Non-Food Ways To Coexist Peacefully With Yard Possums

Use motion cameras to observe behavior without disturbance. Keep trash securely stored and compost enclosed to remove food attractants. Prune low tree branches for possum escape routes. They are generally shy and non-confrontational neighbors happy to live separately if given space, reducing chances of conflicts over food or other resources.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Are Possums Attracted To Cat Food?

Cat food smells entice possums’ keen sense of smell but does not provide everything needed for good nutrition.

Is An Occasional Bite Of Cat Food Harmful?

A rare nibble likely does no damage, but cat food was not designed to meet all of a possum’s complex dietary needs.

What Types Of Cat Food Pose The Lowest Risks?

All-natural varieties lowest in additives like colors and preservatives are safer bets over regular supermarket varieties if encounters cannot be prevented.

How Can I Feed Cats Without Encouraging Possums?

Remove uneaten cat food, keep bowls apart from other foods, and feed earlier so bowls are empty by dusk to avoid attracting and dependent wildlife.

When Would Hand-Feeding Possums Cat Food Be Acceptable?

Only in dire circumstances such as injury or starvation before wildlife care arrival to prevent death from lack of nourishment in the short term.


While possums may be attracted by the smell of cat food, it should not become a regular part of their diet. Cat food lacks important nutrients possums require and could potentially cause health issues if consumed frequently or in large amounts. It is generally best to avoid intentionally feeding possums items not intended for wildlife consumption.

With the right habitat and access to their natural foods, possums can thrive while leaving domestic cats and their bowls alone. Homeowners can support healthy coexistence by securing food sources at night, using humane deterrents as needed, and contacting wildlife rehabilitators if possums appear ill.

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