Do Cats Sleep More On Rainy Days?

Cats tend to sleep more on rainy days compared to sunny days. This is likely due to a combination of factors. When it rains, cats may feel more relaxed and comfortable staying inside and napping rather than going outside. The sound and ambience of the rain may also lull some cats to sleep. Additionally, the lower light levels and cooler temperatures on rainy days seem to encourage extra cat napping.

Do cats sleep more on rainy days? If you have a feline friend at home, you may have noticed they tend to snooze a bit longer when the weather is wet outside. As soon as those rain clouds roll in, your cat may start claiming more spots to curl up in, from their plush cat bed to the sunny spot on the couch. Their activity levels seem to shift on these cozier, darker days.

Cats are known to sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day on average. However, many cat owners observe their pets sleeping even more than usual when the weather is rainy or stormy. This extended cat napping on wet days seems to be driven by a combination of factors. The rain itself, cooler temperatures, lower light levels, and the comforting ambience it creates may all be incentives for cats to catch up on some extra zzz’s.

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Do Cats Sleep More On Rainy Days?

It is very common for cats to sleep more on rainy days. Their natural instincts tell them that hunting will be poor due to the wet weather, so they conserve energy by sleeping. 

Kittens are also still learning what to feed a cat with a broken jaw good litter box habits and how to properly cover their waste, so they may accidentally step in poop while using the box.

Why Might Cats Sleep More When It’s Raining Outside?

Cats tend to sleep more when it’s raining for a few key reasons. As hunters, their instincts tell them prey will be harder to find in wet weather. So to conserve their energy, they sleep more. 

The sound of rainfall also has a soothing, sleep-promoting effect on cats. And cool rainy days make cats want to curl up someplace warm and nap the day away. The lower daylight levels of stormy days also cue cats to sleep more like they do at night.

Help My Cat Sleep Better On Rainy Days

5 tips to help your cat sleep better on rainy days:

  • Provide a cozy, enclosed bed or hiding spot where your cat can feel secure. Add soft blankets or a heating pad on low to make it extra comforting.
  • Play calming music or turn on a sound machine with gentle, steady sounds to help drown out the rain.
  • Make sure your cat is getting plenty of exercise and playtime on non-rainy days so they are more tired and ready to sleep when bad weather hits.
  • Try calming treats, pheromone diffusers, or anti-anxiety medications if recommended by your vet to reduce rain-related stress.
  • Stick to your cat’s normal routine for meals, play time, litter box cleaning, etc. to promote relaxation through familiar activities they find comforting. Maintaining structure despite the weather can be reassuring.

Should I Adjust My Cat’s Routine On Rainy Days?

You generally don’t need to adjust your cat’s routine much on rainy days. Let them sleep as much as they want, which likely will be more than usual. Keep their mealtimes the same for consistency. 

Consider moving playtime and training sessions to before or after the rain stops. Make sure litter boxes are easy to access from their napping spots. Aside from accommodating their desire to sleep more, keep everything else in their schedule the same.

What If My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing On Rainy Days?

If your cat incessantly meows on rainy days, it could mean they are bored, anxious, or distressed by the stormy weather. Make sure they have access to windows to look outside if they want.

 Give them extra playtime when possible before nap periods. Consider calming aids like pheromone diffusers. Ensure their basic needs are met like food, water, clean litter, etc. If they seem extremely agitated, talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medication options. With patience and TLC, you can help comfort cats that don’t tolerate storms well.

Sound Of Rainfall Make Cats Sleepier Cat Food

The sound of rainfall can have a relaxing effect on cats, encouraging them to curl up and take a nap. According to some pet experts, the white noise generated by falling raindrops has a soothing, hypnotic quality that appeals to a cat’s instincts. 

This may be because outdoor-roaming ancestors of house cats took shelter and rested during storms. Playing recordings of gentle rainfall could help create a sleepy atmosphere for an anxious or energetic cat. Just be sure your cat has access to food and water nearby in case they get hungry after their rain-induced snooze.

Does Rainfall Trigger Relaxation Cat Food In Cats?

When it rains outside, many cat owners notice their feline friends becoming more relaxed and sleepy. The sound of raindrops seems to trigger a natural relaxation response in cats that makes them want to curl up in a cozy spot and take a nap. 

This reaction likely stems from evolutionary instincts – feral and wild cats would take shelter and conserve energy during storms. The soothing white noise of rainfall can promote feelings of comfort and security. Make sure to provide some soft, warm sleeping spots around the house to give your cats appealing relaxation options when it’s raining outside.

Do Cats Associate Rainfall With Nap Cat Food Time?

It’s very possible cats learn to associate the sound and scent of rain with nap time. After experiencing the relaxing effect of rainfall several times, cats may begin to recognize the sights and sounds of a storm as a cue to settle in for a snooze. 

Much like Pavlov’s dogs linked the sound of a bell to receiving food, cats might connect dark skies, falling rain and rolling thunder with napping on their favorite cushion or blanket. Pay attention next time there’s a storm – you may catch your cat heading straight for their sleeping area in anticipation of nap time as soon as they hear raindrops hitting the roof.

Is My Cat Bored Because We Can’t Go Outside Cat Food In The Rain?

Cats prevented from roaming outdoors due to weather may exhibit bored, restless behavior like pacing, meowing insistently or getting into things they shouldn’t. This frustration likely stems from an inability to patrol their territory or engage in stimulating hunting activities outside. 

Try to mitigate your cat’s boredom on rainy days by providing appealing indoor entertainment options. Rotate toys to spark your cat’s interest, offer puzzle feeders for mental stimulation or set up a window perch so they can watch the rainfall from inside. Extra play sessions with wand toys or laser pointers can also help burn off pent-up energy.

Should I Play More Indoor Games Cat Food With My Cat On Rainy Days?

Playing more interactive games during rainy weather is an excellent way to keep your curious cat engaged, active and entertained at home. Break out the fishing pole toys, laser pointer or ball tracks for chasing games. Peek-a-boo is also a fun hide-and-seek option. 

Puzzle feeders filled with treats make cats hunt for their food. Set up an obstacle course with cardboard boxes, paper bags and tunnels. The right toys and activities will prevent boredom and redirect your cat’s energy on wet days. Just be sure to provide a cozy, dry place for your cat to relax and watch the rain too!

Cats Need More Cat Food Calories On Cold, Wet Days

Studies show that cats do tend to eat up to 15% more food during cold weather in order to help regulate their body temperature and metabolism, which works harder in cold temperatures. Their caloric needs may vary depending on activity level and other factors, but providing some extra food can help compensate for the increased caloric burn.

Does The Temperature Drop Make Cats Sleepier Cat Food?

Cats do tend to become sleepier and less active in general when temperatures drop. This likely occurs because the cold makes them want to conserve energy. Cats may spend more time napping inside where it’s warm rather than venturing out into the cold. Their reduced activity means they burn fewer calories.

Should I Feed My Cat More Cat Food On Cold, Rainy Days?

It’s reasonable to feed an indoor cat a little bit more on cold, rainy days when they are less active, but be careful not to overfeed. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health issues. Base any increase in portions on your cat’s weight, age, and overall activity levels. Kittens and outdoor cats may need more of a boost than older or indoor cats.

Will My Cat Gain Weight If She Sleeps Cat Food More On Rainy Days?

A cat who sleeps more on rainy days may gain some weight if her portions are not adjusted to account for her lower activity level. To prevent unhealthy weight gain, monitor your cat’s weight and reduce portions if needed so she maintains an ideal weight. Encouraging indoor activity on rainy days can also help avoid excess weight gain.

How Can I Encourage My Cat To Be Active Cat Food Indoors On Rainy Days?

Try engaging your cat in active indoor play on rainy days using toys like feather wands, laser pointers, puzzle feeders and treat balls. You can also set up cat towers, scratching posts and other climbing structures to encourage exercise. Consider keeping a window perch so your cat can watch the rain if she enjoys doing so. Just be careful not to overfeed her if her activity level drops.

Cat Meowing More Cat Food When It Rains

Some cats become more vocal when it rains due to anxiety or stress caused by the stormy weather. The loud thunder and bright lightning can startle cats, while changes in barometric pressure may also make them uncomfortable. 

A scared or stressed cat may meow more persistently for attention or food as a source of comfort. Try to reassure your cat by creating a safe space, playing calming music, or offering special treats during storms. With time and positive associations, you may be able to ease their rain-related anxiety.

Is My Cat Lonely Because We’re Both Inside Cat Food More?

Being cooped up together inside during rainy weather could contribute to a cat meowing more for attention or food. Cats kept exclusively indoors already crave mental stimulation and environmental enrichment. The boredom and restlessness of a rainy day stuck inside may only amplify this need for activity and interaction. 

Try scheduling dedicated play sessions using wand toys or laser pointers. Puzzle feeders filled with dry kibble can also keep your cat engaged and entertained for longer. And be sure to give your cat plenty of affection too! Some quality cuddle time together can help fight off the rainy day blues.

Change In Barometric Pressure Bother Cats Cat Food

Cats sense pressure changes. Their ears pick up tiny variations. Dropping pressure signals bad weather coming. This causes cats anxiety and stress. Some cats hide, meow more, or act restless. Providing comfort helps scared cats. Routine and safe spaces reassure them.

How Barometric Pressure Changes Bother Cats
Cats sense small pressure changes
Falling pressure indicates storms approaching
This causes stress and anxiety
Signs: hiding, meowing, restlessness
Comfort them by providing routine and safe places

Why Won’t My Cat Stop Meowing Cat Food At The Windows On Rainy Days?

Staring out windows for long periods while insistently meowing may indicate a cat is experiencing territory anxiety during storms. With rains limiting outdoor access, they may feel frustrated watching potential threats infringe on their perceived turf. Cats also rely heavily on visual and olfactory cues for information gathering and communication. 

The obscured views and unfamiliar smells generated by rainy weather could contribute to window vigilance and vocalizations. Gently guide your cat away from windows and limit access if possible. Engage them in play or offer food puzzles to shift focus off the outdoors. Providing reassuring affection can also help alleviate territorial unrest.

What Are Some Ways To Distract My Cat From The Rain Cat Food Outside?

The best distractions will capture your cat’s keen senses and prey drive instincts. Try enticing play with wand toys that mimic darting birds or rodents, flashing laser pointers to stimulate pouncing activity, treat-dispensing puzzle toys to engage their foraging skills, catnip kicks to spark frenzied play, or even pipe cleaners and scrunched paper balls to bat around. 

Screen nature videos for cats to simulate outdoor experiences from the comfort of inside. Dedicate lap time for brushing, petting, and calming purr therapy sessions. Offering special snacks or cat grass for nibbling can also shift attention away from the weather outside. The key is interacting with your cat’s needs and instincts to provide alternatives to the auditory and visual stimuli generated by the rain.

Worry If My Cat Sleeps All Day When It Rains

It’s normal for cats to sleep more on rainy days since they don’t like going outside in the rain. As long as your cat is still responsive and doesn’t have other signs of illness like lack of appetite, there’s no need to worry about extra sleeping. Monitor their overall behavior to spot any issues.

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep More On Rainy Days?

Yes, it’s very normal for cats to sleep more when stuck indoors on rainy days. Without outdoor stimulation and activity, many cats combat boredom by sleeping. As long as they still play, eat, and use the litter box normally, increased napping is nothing to worry about.

Could My Cat Be Depressed Or Sick If She Sleeps Too Much?

Excessive sleeping paired with other symptoms could mean your cat is depressed, stressed, or sick. Signs of potential illness include lack of appetite, vocalizing pain or discomfort, lack of interest in play and pets, and inappropriate urination. Contact your vet if these symptoms persist.

What Are Signs I Should Call The Vet About My Cat’s Sleeping Habits?

Call your vet if your cat is sleeping all the time over several days and also showing a decreased appetite, discomfort, or lack of interest in normal activities. Sudden significant changes in sleep patterns or personality warrant a vet visit to rule out underlying illness.

How Can I Help My Cat Be Happier Indoors On Rainy Days?

Make indoor rain days more stimulating by dedicating playtime with wand toys and laser pointers. Consider new toys or cat trees to climb and scratch. Windows with views of outdoor activity can also keep them entertained. Ensure their basic needs like food, water, clean litter are met too.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Might Cats Sleep More When It Rains?

Cats may sleep more on rainy days because the sound of rainfall is relaxing and the lower light levels make them feel sleepier.

Do Cats Need More Calories On Cold, Wet Days?

Yes, cats often need more calories on cold rainy days to generate body heat and energy to stay warm.

Why Is My Cat Meowing More When It Rains?

A cat may meow more on rainy days due to boredom from being kept indoors or from anxiety caused by changes in barometric pressure.

Should I Worry If My Cat Sleeps All Day When It Rains?

It’s generally not a concern if an otherwise healthy cat sleeps more on rainy days as this follows their natural instinct.

How Can I Help My Cat Be Happier Indoors On Rainy Days?

Play more indoor games, offer cozy nap spots, consider calming supplements, or provide a window perch to watch the rainfall to help entertain cats on rainy days.

Frequently Asked Question

Cats tend to sleep more on rainy days for a variety of reasons. The sound and smell of the rain can have a calming effect which makes cats sleepy. Additionally, cats often don’t want to go outside when it’s wet out. With less activity and stimulation, many cats will simply sleep more when stuck indoors on rainy days.

It is very normal for cats to sleep longer on rainy days. As long as your cat is still alert, eating and drinking normally, and doesn’t have other signs of illness, increased napping is nothing to worry about. The sound of the rain helps cats relax and they also tend to be less active when they can’t or don’t want to go outdoors. Make sure to provide some extra playtime and environmental enrichment on those wet weather days to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated.

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