Female Cat Sticking Bum In Air

Female cats assume a posture known as “lordosis” when they are in heat. This involves arching the back, lifting the rear, and treading the hind legs. The cat sticks her rear up in the air, with the tail moved to one side. This distinct posture signals to male cats that she is receptive and ready to mate.

“Female cat sticking bum in the air” – this provocative visual sums up the mating ritual of felines. When female cats assume this very particular stance, they are advertising their fertility to potential suitors in the area. It is an open invitation and a clear green light for intimacy.

The estrous cycle, which governs the reproductive capability of female cats, involves distinct behaviors. A salient characteristic is the “treading” posture. The cat sticks her behind up vertically, with her tail cocked sideways. This conspicuous stance lets male cats know she is in heat and receptive to their advances. It is essentially a biological billboard.

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Why Does My CAT FOOD Female Cat Stick Her Bum in The Air?

When a female cat sticks her bum in the air, it is a sign that she is in heat, which is the feline estrus cycle. During this time, estrogen levels rise in the cat, triggering behavioral and physical changes meant to attract an intact male cat for mating. 

One of the classic heat behaviors is when the female cat elevates or sticks her rear end up in the air while treading her back legs. This lordosis posture signals to male cats that she is receptive and ready to mate. The bum-in-the-air posture maximizes exposure of her genital region when potential mates approach her from behind. Are heated blankets safe for cats?

Is My CAT FOOD Female Cat in Heat When She Sticks Her Bum Up?

Yes, when a female cat holds her bum up in the air and treads with her hind legs, it is a clear confirmation that she is in heat or estrus. This standing heat posture, combined with behaviors like increased vocalization and affection, is driven by hormones meant to attract male cats. 

The bum-in-the-air estrus stance, properly called lordosis, optimally exposes the vulva and releases pheromones to signal receptivity and fertility to males. So when your female cat presents with her rear end elevated, she is exhibiting classic physical signs of feline estrus meant to catch the attention of intact male cats for breeding.

Should I Worry About My CATFOOD Female Cat’s Bum Sticking Up Behavior?

You typically do not need to worry about or intervene with a female cat sticking her bum in the air, as this is normal heat behavior. A cat in heat can become quite restless and vocal, sometimes to the point of annoyance. More concerning is the risk of unwanted kittens if an intact male gains access to her. 

To avoid pregnancy, keep your cat indoors during heat cycles. If you do not plan to breed her, consider having your veterinarian spay your cat. This eliminates heat cycles and the bothersome, potentially messy behaviors that accompany estrus in female cats.

What Does It Mean When My CAT FOOD Female Cat Has Her Bum in The Air?

BehaviorPossible Meaning
Female Cat Raises Bum in the AirIndicates a receptive or “in-heat” mating behavior
May be a sign of inviting male cats for mating
Normal behavior during the mating or estrus cycle
Displays readiness for mating
Could be accompanied by vocalization or other signs

It’s important to note that this behavior is commonly associated with a female cat in heat, and if you have concerns or questions about your cat’s behavior, it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian for more personalized advice.

How Long Will My Female Cat Display This Bum Sticking Behavior?

A female cat will display the bum sticking behavior, also known as being in heat or estrus, for 4-6 days as part of her heat cycle. The entire heat cycle lasts about 2-3 weeks and happens every 2-3 weeks until the cat is spayed. So an unspayed female cat can display signs of being in heat multiple times per year.

How Many Times a Day Will My Female Cat Stick Her Bum in The Air?

The sources don’t give an exact number for how often a female cat will stick her bum in the air when in heat. But they indicate it is a common posture cats in heat will make frequently or “constantly” as they try to attract male cats. So it likely varies from cat to cat, but could be displayed multiple times per day.

How Long Does Each Female Cat Bum Sticking Episode Last?

The sources don’t provide information on exactly how long each bum sticking episode lasts. It seems reasonable to assume each episode may last for a minute or two based on normal cat behavior. But the duration could vary. Ultimately, female cats have little control over this instinctual posture when they are in heat.

Is My Female Cat’s Bum Sticking Normal Cat Behavior?

Yes, a female cat sticking her bum in the air is considered normal behavior when she is in heat or estrus. It is an instinctual posture meant to attract male cats for mating. So this type of posture is expected in unspayed female cats as part of their natural reproductive cycle.

Why Does My CAT FOOD Female Cat Suddenly Stick Her Bum in The Air?

According to the sources, when an unspayed female cat sticks her bum in the air, it is usually a sign that she is in heat or estrus. This receptive body language signals she is ready to mate. Specifically, she will raise her hips to elevate her rear, twitch her tail to the side, and tread with her hind feet1. This estrous period when cats go into heat lasts around 4-6 days.

However, spayed female cats may also stick their bums in the air simply because they like that area petted or scratched. For some cats, having their back and base of the tail stroked is pleasurable. So a spayed female cat elevating her rear could just be her way of directing you to pet her there.

Did My CAT FOOD Female Cat Start Sticking Her Bum Up After Being Spayed?

No, a spayed female cat is unlikely to start exhibiting heat behaviors like sticking her bum in the air after the surgery. Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus, eliminating heat cycles and the hormonal drives to mate. 

So if your cat sticks her bum up post-spay, it is likely just a sign she wants attention or petting in that area rather than an indication of retained ovarian tissue or failed sterilization.

Some reasons a spayed cat may raise their bum according to the vet sources include reverting to kitten-like instincts of presenting to their mother for grooming or transferring scent from anal glands to you as a bonding mechanism. But these behaviors are not associated with estrus or sexual receptivity in a successfully spayed cat.

Is My CAT FOOD Female Cat Asking for More Food When Sticking Bum Up?

No evidence in the search results suggests that a female cat sticks her bum in the air because she wants more food. The sources only link this posture to sexual receptivity1, pleasurable petting2, kitten-like instincts, or bonding. There are no mentions of it being an indicator that a cat desires more meals or treats.

So while a persistently hungry cat may beg, meow, or lead you to her empty food bowl, a cat raising her rear is likely not asking for additional food. It usually has another motivation like heat, socialization, or enjoying tactile stimulation. Unless paired with other food-seeking behaviors, interpreting bum raising as a plea for food does not align with the information provided.

Does My CAT FOOD Female Cat Want Attention When Her Bum Is Sticking Up

Yes, a female cat elevating her rear often does want increased human attention and interaction, especially in the form of petting. The sources state that cats in heat will dramatically escalate affectionate behaviors like rubbing against owners, rolling on the floor, and soliciting constant petting. 

Even spayed cats may stick their bums up as an invitation to stroke that area2 or to facilitate bonding through scent and touch.

So regardless of reproductive status, a female cat presenting her backside typically welcomes more direct attention through petting, massage, and general handling from trusted humans. 

It signifies she feels comfortable enough to expose a vulnerable area and signals an appropriate time for enhanced cat-human interaction. Responding with tactile stimulation when she makes this posture can strengthen your bond.

Should I Take My CATFOOD Female Cat to The Vet for Her Bum Sticking?

Yes, you should take your female cat to the vet for an evaluation of her bum sticking behavior. Bum sticking, also called scooting, can indicate an underlying medical issue that requires veterinary attention. 

Some common causes include anal gland problems, constipation or diarrhea, parasites, infection, spinal issues, or neurological problems. Getting a proper diagnosis from your vet is important to rule out serious conditions and provide appropriate treatment to relieve your cat’s discomfort. 

Your vet will likely perform a physical exam, take a medical history, run lab tests like a fecal exam or urinalysis, and potentially order imaging tests. Early intervention can help prevent complications and long-term problems.

Could My CAT FOOD Female Cat’s Bum Sticking Indicate a UTI or Bladder Issues?

It’s possible your female cat’s bum sticking could indicate a urinary tract infection (UTI), bladder stones, bladder inflammation, or another bladder issue. Scooting is sometimes seen when cats experience pain or irritation when urinating or defecating. 

Bladder infections, stones, crystals or tumors can all contribute to discomfort in the urinary tract. Your vet will need to run tests on your cat’s urine like a urinalysis and urine culture to check for signs of infection or inflammation. 

They may also order X-rays or an ultrasound to look for bladder stones. Proper treatment of any underlying UTI or bladder problem will be needed to resolve scooting behavior related to urinary issues.

Is My CAT FOOD Female Cat’s Bum Sticking a Sign of Pain or Discomfort?

Yes, a cat sticking their bum along the floor is generally a sign they are experiencing some pain or discomfort around their hind end. Scooting can indicate irritated, itchy or painful anal glands impacted with fluid, constipation, diarrhea or parasites causing inflammation, spinal issues pinching nerves, infections, or straining from urinary tract issues. 

Any condition causing sensitivity, irritation or swelling around the anus, rectum or genital region can initiate scooting as a way for your cat to relieve discomfort. Determining the exact source of pain through veterinary examination and testing is key so proper treatment can be provided.

When Should the Vet Evaluate My CATFOOD Female Cat’s Bum Sticking

You should have your female cat evaluated by a vet as soon as possible after noticing frequent bum sticking behavior. Catching medical problems early on gives the best chance for effective treatment and prevention of worsening symptoms. Scooting that occurs intermittently may be monitored at home initially. 

But if bum sticking becomes more common, lasts for several days, or is accompanied by additional symptoms like blood in the stool, straining to urinate or defecate, loss of bladder control, or lethargy, urgent veterinary care should be sought. 

Don’t delay having your cat examined since conditions causing scooting can sometimes rapidly deteriorate. Addressing concerning symptoms right away is key, especially in older cats.

Will Ignoring My CATFOOD Female Cat’s Bum Sticking Make Her Stop?

No, ignoring your female cat’s behavior of sticking her bum up will likely not make her stop. The sources suggest this behavior may be due to several factors including:

  • Attention seeking due to feeling neglected
  • Excitement and bonding behavior when anticipating being fed
  • An underlying medical issue such as worms or hyperthyroidism

Simply ignoring the behavior is unlikely to resolve the underlying cause. It’s recommended to positively reinforce good behavior and redirect negative behavior. If the behavior persists, consulting a vet to rule out medical causes would be advisable.

Can More Playtime Stop My CAT FOOD Female Cat From Sticking Bum Up?

Increasing playtime can potentially help stop your female cat from sticking her bum up. The sources suggest this behavior may be due to:

  • Boredom
  • Attention seeking due to feeling neglected
  • Excitement and anticipation of being fed

More playtime and interaction, even just 15-20 minutes per day, can provide mental stimulation. This may help satisfy your cat’s needs for activity and attention. Rewarding positive behavior and redirecting to play when she sticks her bum up can help change this habit over time.

However, an underlying medical issue is still possible, so consulting a vet is recommended if it persists despite increased playtime.

Should I Give My CAT FOOD Female Cat More Attention to Stop Bum Sticking

Yes, giving your female cat more positive attention may help stop her from sticking her bum up. The sources suggest this behavior can be attention-seeking if she feels neglected1.

Giving her more affection and dedicating focused interaction time can make her feel less ignored. Reinforcing positive behavior with attention and ignoring unwanted behavior may help change her habits over time.

However, boredom4, excitement for feeding, or medical issues could still be factors. More attention should be combined with playtime, scheduling mealtimes, and potentially a vet visit to fully resolve a persistent behavior.


Why Is My Spayed Female Cat Sticking Her Butt In The Air?

She likely just enjoys being pet there or is asking for attention.

Is My Female Cat In Heat If She Sticks Her Butt Up?

Not necessarily if she is spayed, it could just be a sign she wants pets.

What Does It Mean When A Spayed Cat Arches Her Back And Sticks Butt Up?

It usually just indicates she enjoys being petted in that area.

Should I Be Concerned If My Spayed Cat Presents Her Rear?

No need to worry, it is common for spayed cats to do this when they want pets.

Is My Cat Trying To Mate If She Sticks Her Rear In The Air?

Unlikely if she is spayed, it is more likely she enjoys or wants more pets.


When a female cat arches her back and sticks her rear end up in the air, this is a normal behavior called lordosis. She is signaling that she is in heat and ready to mate.

The lordosis posture allows a male cat to easily mount and mate with the female when he is attracted by her scent. 

This common feline mating ritual ensures that cats continue to reproduce and propagate the species. Though unusual to human eyes, a female cat presenting and soliciting a male by elevating her rear is simply part of the natural reproductive behavior ingrained in all cats.

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