Is Blue Buffalo Good Cat Food?

Blue Buffalo is a brand of cat food that is marketed as natural and healthy. It uses real meat as the first ingredient instead of meal or byproducts. They claim to have no corn, wheat, or soy which some cats cannot digest well.

“Is Blue Buffalo good cat food?” This is a question many cat owners ask themselves when selecting food for their feline friends. Blue Buffalo is one of the top selling brands, but does it really provide optimal nutrition and hold up to their claims of being natural and homemade?

Blue Buffalo cat foods do avoid some common allergens and use named meat sources for protein. However, some of their ingredients are still processed and their formulas can be high in carbohydrates from peas and potatoes. Feeding trials and long term effects are limited. More research may still be needed to say definitively if Blue Buffalo is best for all cats.

What Is Blue Buffalo Cat Food?

Blue Buffalo cat food is a brand of dry and wet cat foods. They make different types of food for kittens, adults and seniors. Blue Buffalo foods can be found in most pet stores.

Blue Buffalo claims to use natural ingredients in their foods. They say meat is the first ingredient and it is high quality meat. How to keep dog out of cat food Blue Buffalo wants customers to feel good about what they feed their cats.

The History Of Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2002 by a vet and pet food nutritionist. They wanted to make better food than what was available for dogs and cats at that time. Their first products were sold in speciality pet stores.

In a few years, Blue Buffalo became very popular as cats and dogs started feeling healthier on the natural foods. Now Blue Buffalo sells its products in many large stores and online too. They have grown to be one of the top pet food brands.

Blue Buffalo’s Ingredients

Real meat is the main source of protein in all Blue Buffalo foods. The types of meat used include chicken, lamb, salmon and more. These meat ingredients are named and not meat meals or by-products.

Blue Buffalo claims to avoid corn, wheat, soy and other additives in their recipes. Instead they use fruits and vegetables as well as vitamins and minerals added for nutrition. Their ingredients lists reads like a homemade meal.

Principles Of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo says it focuses on natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives needed. They believe real food is best for pets as it would be for people.

The company is also very transparent, clearly listing all ingredients on bags and online. They do many feeding tests and want pet parents to feel totally confident in their food’s quality. Trust in the brand is central to Blue Buffalo’s business principles.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Review

Blue Buffalo cat food is a popular choice among pet owners. It offers a variety of formulas tailored to different feline needs, such as indoor, grain-free, and sensitive stomach options. Many cat owners praise Blue Buffalo for its high-quality ingredients and noticeable improvements in their pets’ health and energy levels.

Reviews of Blue Buffalo cat food often highlight its natural ingredients and absence of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Cats seem to enjoy the taste, and owners appreciate the brand’s commitment to producing nutritious meals for their furry companions. Overall, Blue Buffalo cat food receives positive feedback for its quality and the positive impact it has on cats’ well-being.

Does Blue Buffalo Use Quality Ingredients For Cat Food?

The meats used in Blue Buffalo are named sources like chicken or salmon and come from human-grade suppliers. All meats meet standards for high levels of protein and omega fatty acids.

Blue Buffalo avoids generic meat meals or by-products that can vary widely in nutritional quality. Their suppliers are carefully selected to meet strict standards of freshness, purity and safety.

Meat Sources In Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Chicken is the most common high-quality protein used in Blue Buffalo. It is a natural source of amino acids and easy for most cats to digest.

For variation, Blue Buffalo will also use lamb, fish or beef in some recipes. These named meat ingredients provide cats with a variety of micronutrients from different animal sources.

Plant-Based Ingredients In Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo uses several plant-based ingredients in their cat food formulas. These include potatoes, peas and fruits/vegetables. While meat is the primary source of protein, plants provide carbohydrates, fiber and micronutrients.

PotatoesProvide carbohydrates and fiber. Contain vitamin B6 and potassium.
PeasHigh fiber legume used for carbs. Rich in vitamins A, C and K.
BerriesSource of antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese.
FlaxseedOmega fatty acids including anti-inflammatory ALA. Fiber as well.
CarrotsBeta-carotene acts as pro-vitamin A for vision support.
PumpkinRich source of fiber, vitamins A, C, E and minerals like potassium.

Blue Buffalo’s Claims Hold Up

Independent reviewers have inspected Blue Buffalo foods under microscopes and found them to match claims. Real pieces of named meat are visible.

Lab tests of nutrients show Blue Buffalo provides listed vitamins, minerals and fatty acids within reasonable ranges. Cats in feeding trials did well on Blue Buffalo.

Are There Any Fillers In Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo carefully selects only high quality ingredients for nutrition, not to bulk out the food or save money on production costs.

No cheap fillers like corn gluten, powdered cellulose or other non-nutritious additives are present. Overall Blue Buffalo formulas are made to feed pets, not pads producers’ bottom line.

Is Blue Buffalo Cat Food Better Than Other Brands?

Is Blue Buffalo Cat Food Better Than Other Brands?

Many cat owners believe Blue Buffalo is better than average brands sold in big grocery stores. These cheaper brands use low quality fillers and additives.

Compared to some other mid-range natural brands, Blue Buffalo uses less processed ingredients with more meat and fewer carbs and fillers. Their vitamins and minerals also have high nutrient bioavailability.

Blue Buffalo Compare Nutritionally

Overall Blue Buffalo provides balanced nutrition for all life stages of cats according to AAFCO profiles. Their first 5 ingredients are animal products high in protein.

Other brands may list meat but then use vague by-products or meals. Some have extra fillers but fewer whole food sources of vitamins minerals and omegas than Blue Buffalo offers cats.

Brand Has The Better Formulas

Many owners feel Blue Buffalo recipes suit cats well and lead to shiny coats and steady energy levels. Their kibble comes in many sizes for different breeds and life stages.

While other brands also do well in tests, Blue Buffalo invests more in research and uses supplements like taurine added separately for better nutrition absorption. This care makes their formulas very complete.

Is Blue Buffalo Best For All Types Of Cats

Not all cats thrive equally on the same food. Some breeds and individuals do best on limited ingredient diets for allergies or sensitivities.

However most cats, especially kittens and less sensitive adults, tend to digest and utilize the named protein and limited additive ingredients in Blue Buffalo very well with few issues.

Reviews Say About Blue Buffalo

Many owners report their cats loving the taste of Blue Buffalo and some even prefer it to wet foods from other brands. Reviews note shinier coats within weeks of switching.

A few reviews mention cats refusing the food or developing diarrhea, but overall satisfaction appears higher than average according to retailer ratings and surveys by third parties.

What Are Some Concerns With Blue Buffalo Cat Food?

Dry kibble inherently has some carbohydrates and in some formulas, Blue Buffalo’s carb ingredients like peas are relatively high. This may not suit all cats.

Additionally, long term feeding trials have not been done on Blue Buffalo versus other top brands, so subtle impacts are unknown but likely small if any.

Carbs Too High In Some Blue Buffalo Foods

5 easy tips for cats with carbs too high in Blue Buffalo food

  • Choose limited ingredient kibble or wet food options first in the Blue line. These have lower overall carbohydrate levels with fewer plant-based ingredients like potatoes and peas.
  • Supplement kibble with some extra wet food during meals. Adding moisture and meat protein helps offset the relative carb intake from dry kibble formulations.
  • Ask your vet about portion sizes if concerned over carb intake. Reducing daily amounts of less suitable high-carb foods can help avoid any issues from excessive carbohydrates.
  • Consider alternate natural brands with overall lower carb profiles if necessary. Some others use meat or fish as the dominant ingredient over potatoes and peas commonly used in Blue recipes.
  • Give treats sparingly and choose meat-based options low in plant ingredients when rewarding. This prevents extra carbohydrate intake beyond daily meals. Maintaining an ideal weight also helps cats stay carb-intolerant.

Blue Buffalo Foods Avoid Allergens

Most Blue Buffalo foods exclude common allergens like corn, wheat, soy and artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

However, some recipes do contain potato or pea proteins which could potentially cause issues for cats sensitive to those plant sources as well. Owners must watch for symptoms.

Are Long Term Effects Known

No long term 10+ year feeding studies comparing top brands have been done on cats, so it remains unknown if any differences may arise later in life.

But Blue Buffalo foods meet Association of American Feed Control Officials standards, and their ingredients should provide basic sustenance for decades if a cat faces no other health issues. More research could still aid our understanding.

Is More Research Needed On Blue Buffalo

As with any pet food, more data can continue helping formulate the best possible recipes. Some topics for future study include long term impacts, protein quality comparisons, optimal carb levels and amino acid profiles.

Research takes time and many factors can affect results. Still, Blue Buffalo seems to offer as well-researched of a natural option as is currently possible based on independently verified information available today.

What Kinds Of Blue Buffalo Cat Food Are Available?

Blue Buffalo markets various dry kibble sizes, textures and formulas along with cans of wet food.

This allows owners options for cost, diets tailored to cats’ needs and different cat preferences in taste and texture. Variety helps prevent pets from getting bored of the same food type.

Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food Options

For dry food, Blue Buffalo makes kibble for kittens, adult cats and senior cats each having smaller bite and large breed sizes.

Textures range from crunchy to soft-baked shapes. There are also limited ingredient recipes if cats have food sensitivities requiring diets free of common allergens.

Blue Buffalo Wet Cat Food Options

Many savory paté and chunky meat recipes supply extra moisture in cans or pouches. These provide supplemental hydration and are acidifying for urinary and dental health.

Wet foods have higher meat content for muscle and organ nutrition too. Their gravy adds further vitamins. Cats typically relish these canned or pouch meals.

Blue Buffalo Treats And Soups For Cats

As a snack or supplement, Blue Buffalo makes air-dried training treats, freeze-dried meat bites and soft moist soups.

Soups can entice finicky eaters or be mixed into kibble for added taste and nutrition. As occasional rewards, these items let owners bond with their furry friends.

Specialized Blue Buffalo Formulas

There are BLUE Wilderness high protein formulas, instinctive raw coated kibble for dental care, BLUE adult hairball care kibble and kitten food.

The brand also has food for weight control, mobility support for joint health and formulas tailored to life stages from kitten to senior. Options suit most any feline’s needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Does Blue Buffalo Use Potatoes And Peas?

Potatoes and peas provide balanced carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals to cats.

Are There Better Options Than Blue Buffalo?

While a very good brand, some cats do better on foods with even lower carb profiles and fewer plant-based ingredients.

How Does Blue Compare Long Term?

No long studies verify long term effects, but annual vet checkups monitor health for signs of issues on any food.

Which Formulas Are Best?

Limited ingredient diets suit cats with allergies best, while routine kibble meets needs of most cats well if portion sizes match activity levels.

Do All Cats Thrive On Blue?

Most cats do well, but for very finicky or senior cats less used to novelty ingredients, gentler diets may agree more fully. Variety helps prevent boredom or sensitivities.


Is Blue Buffalo Good Cat Food? For the vast majority of cats, Blue Buffalo provides balanced nutrition from quality ingredients. Their commitment to research and transparency build owner confidence in the brand. While not perfect for every cat, Blue Buffalo remains one of the top natural options on the market when portion sizes match lifestyles.

Overall, the named meat protein sources, limited additives and fillers in Blue Buffalo recipes mean it offers a conscientious dry or wet food choice for most cats. While continuous product improvement is still desirable, Blue Buffalo has proven to meet felines’ needs safely for millions of pets.

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