Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray For Cats

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray For Cats is a pheromone-based spray designed to help relax anxious or stressed out cats. The spray contains synthetic cat pheromones that mimic the pheromones mother cats produce to calm their kittens. When sprayed in the cat’s environment, it can have an appeasing effect and reduce stress-related behaviors.

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray For Cats utilizes natural pheromone science to humanely comfort cats without sedation. A few spritzes of this innovative formula helps transform your home into a more soothing space that promotes cat relaxation and contentment. With regular use, you may see less nervous pacing, hiding, or territorial marking from your feline companion.

The calming spray introduces friendly pheromone cues to the area that cats associate with familiarity and security. The spray can be applied to objects like cat beds, carriers, or furniture that your cat frequents. The pheromones diffuse into the air and get picked up by specialized organs in your cat’s nose, signaling safety.

What is Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats?

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats is a pheromone-based spray designed to help relax anxious or stressed out felines. The spray contains synthetic cat pheromones that mimic the pheromones mother cats produce to calm their kittens. When sprayed in the cat’s environment, it can have an appeasing effect to reduce stress-related behaviors.

The calming spray introduces friendly pheromone cues to the area that cats associate with familiarity and security, promoting a sense of well-being. The pheromones diffuse into the air and get picked up by specialized scent organs in a cat’s nose, signaling safety and comfort.

This can help relieve anxiety triggers like loud noises, guests, or changes in their normal routine. For specific concerns such as cat fur not growing back after surgery, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian to address any underlying medical issues affecting the cat’s recovery and overall well-being.

How does catfood calming spray work?

Cat calming sprays like Nature’s Miracle work through pheromone technology. When cats smell the synthetic pheromones, it activates receptors in their vomeronasal organ and has a soothing, comforting effect similar to a mother’s scent.

The cat pheromones induce chemical signals to the cat’s brain that there is no danger present and that the environment is safe. This reassurance helps to minimize reactions to stressors that can cause anxious behaviors like hiding, aggression, overgrooming, or marking territory. Regular use conditions cats to remain calm and relaxed.

Is catfood calming spray safe?

Yes, veterinarian-recommended brands like Nature’s Miracle are formulated to be safe for cats when used as directed. The cat calming spray contains pheromones which cats produce naturally, so it does not sedate them or have harmful side effects.

As with any product, it’s best not to spray directly in a cat’s eyes or open wounds as it may irritate. But if contact occurs, simply rinse the area with water. When sprayed in the environment and allowed to diffuse, cat calming spray has no known risks and can effectively reduce anxiety and stress.

Where to buy Nature’s Miracle cat food calming spray?

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats is sold both online and in pet retail stores across the United States. Major retailers that carry the popular calming spray include PetSmart, Petco, Chewy, Amazon, and specialty pet pharmacies or veterinary clinics.

The spray typically comes in a 60ml bottle that can last 30-60 days depending on your cat’s needs and usage frequency. Prices range from $10-15 on average. You can also find value bundles with 2 or 3 bottles. For anxious cat owners, Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray is an accessible option found almost anywhere pet products are sold.

Why Use a Cat Calming Spray?

Cat calming sprays can be very useful for helping to reduce stress and anxiety in cats. According to the sources, these sprays contain pheromones and herbal extracts that have a soothing effect on cats. 

When cats smell these scents, it helps them feel more relaxed and less anxious about changes or stressful situations like vet visits, loud noises, or introducing a new cat. The pheromones mimic those produced by mother cats to calm their kittens. Using a calming spray can therefore help prevent or reduce stress-related behaviors like inappropriate scratching, marking, or antisocial behavior.

Overall, cat calming sprays provide an easy, non-sedating way to help cats feel more comfortable. They can be sprayed directly onto objects in the environment rather than needing to be applied directly onto the cat. 

Does cat food calming spray stop spraying?

The sources indicate that cat calming sprays can help reduce urine spraying behavior in cats. According to, the pheromones in the calming spray help alleviate problem behaviors triggered by stress, including inappropriate marking i.e. spraying. 

So while the spray may not completely stop a cat from spraying in all situations, it can help significantly reduce this behavior by reducing the anxiety and need to mark territory that often causes spraying.

The way the calming spray works to accomplish this is by mimicking pheromones produced by mother cats to reassure and relax their kittens. This helps create a feeling of comfort and security for the cat, making them less likely to feel the need to spray. 

So in summary, while not guaranteed to eliminate spraying completely in all cats, the calming spray can help substantially curb this behavior in many cats by addressing the root cause of stress and anxiety.

Will a cat food calming spray reduce anxiety?

Yes, based on the information provided in the search results, a cat calming spray can help reduce anxiety in cats. According to and, the calming sprays contain soothing scents and pheromones that help decrease stress and anxiety caused by changes, travel, loud noises, and other stressors.

Specifically,  states that the scents in the calming spray help cats relax without the use of sedatives. Additionally,  explains that the pheromones mimic those produced by mother cats to reassure and comfort kittens. This helps create a feeling of safety and security that allows anxious cats to relax.

So in summary, yes – the specialized formulations of cat calming sprays with pheromones and soothing scents are clinically shown to reduce anxiety and stress-related behaviors in cats facing situations that would normally cause anxiety, fear, or distress. The sprays work with cats’ natural biology to induce relaxation.

When should I use a cat food calming spray?

Based on the information provided in the search results, there are a few key times when it would be recommended to use a cat calming spray:

  1. In anticipation of a stressful situation – The sources recommend spraying the calming spray in an area, carrier, or blanket right before a stressful event that a cat will be exposed to, like vet visits, car travel, or being introduced to a new environment. The preemptive use helps prevent anxiety and fear reactions.
  2. To reduce existing stress-related behaviors – If a cat is already displaying inappropriate scratching, marking, or anti-social behaviors due to stress, the calming spray can also be used to help curb these problems.
  3. For multi-cat households – The pheromones in the spray mimic those produced by mother cats, which can help facilitate positive interactions between cats in households with multiple felines. This can prevent tension, fighting, and anxiety.

So in summary, preemptive use before stressful events, using on existing problem behaviors related to stress, and facilitating positive social interactions between household cats are the key recommended situations to utilize these calming sprays for optimal anti-anxiety benefits. Daily reapplication is also suggested for best results.

Why Use a Cat Calming Spray?

Cat calming sprays can be very beneficial for anxious or stressed cats. As explained in the sources, these sprays contain synthetic pheromones that mimic cats’ natural facial pheromones used for marking areas as safe territories. 

When cats smell these pheromones, it triggers a positive response in their brains, helping them feel more relaxed and secure. Studies show calming sprays can reduce undesirable behaviors in cats like scratching furniture or spraying from stress and anxiety. Overall, the pheromones create a comforting environment for cats.

Does cat calming spray stop spraying?

The sources indicate cat calming sprays can help reduce spraying behaviors stemming from stress or anxiety. As source explains, calming sprays “can help your cat feel more secure and reduce the likelihood of these unwanted actions” like spraying. The sprays may not be as effective for cats aggressively spraying. 

Source notes “dog calming sprays are often not effective for aggression problems.” So for anxious or stressed cats, the sprays can curb spraying, but likely won’t resolve territorial or aggressive spraying on their own.

Will a cat calming spray reduce anxiety?

Yes, multiple sources confirm cat calming sprays with pheromones can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. The pheromones mimic the scents cats naturally use to mark safe zones, signaling safety to a cat’s brain. 

Breathing in the pheromone aroma helps a cat’s “nervous system starts to unwind, and their muscles begin to relax”. Studies validate calming sprays effectively decrease anxiety and stress responses in cats. However, some cats may be less sensitive to the effects than others.

When should I use a cat calming spray?

The sources recommend using cat calming sprays in situations that provoke anxiety, fear, or undesirable behaviors in a cat. This includes major changes like moving homes, introductions to new pets, travel loud noises like thunder, or separation anxiety. 

Routinely spraying a cat’s bedding or carrier can also create a consistent comforting environment. The sprays should not be applied directly onto a cat’s body or sprayed into eyes or open wounds, as this will irritate skin and mucous membranes

How to Use Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray can be used to help relax cats in stressful situations. To use it, shake the bottle well and then spray a light mist around the areas your cat frequents. Avoid spraying directly on your cat. It’s formulated with natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and pheromones to have a calming effect.

How often to use catfood calming spray?

The calming spray can be used as often as needed to help relax your cat. It is safe for regular use. During an initial stressful situation like a move or new pet, you may need to use it multiple times per day. 

Once your cat adjusts, you can use it less often before triggers like guests visiting or vet appointments. Using it 15-30 minutes before can help prevent stress reactions. Monitor your cat’s response to determine the ideal frequency for their needs. Most cats only need calming spray every few days or weeks.

Where do I spray catfood calming spray?

The best places to spray a calming cat spray are areas your cat spends the most time or finds comforting. This includes cat beds, inside carriers, on scratching posts, on furniture or shelves your cat likes to perch on, or anywhere in your home your cat retreats to when they feel anxious. 

Avoid spraying it directly on your cat. Mist it lightly around their preferred resting areas about 15-30 minutes before a stress trigger to help them remain relaxed.

What surfaces can I spray catfood calming spray on?

The calming cat spray is safe to use on most home surfaces. It can be sprayed on fabric items like cat beds, blankets, cat trees, and scratching posts. It also works on hard, non-porous surfaces like leather furniture, wood shelves, inside plastic carriers, ceramic food bowls, and more. 

Test an inconspicuous area first if spraying onto a delicate or antique surface. Avoid spraying directly on unfinished wood. The spray should not stain or damage most finished household surfaces when used as directed. Ventilate the area right after spraying.

Ingredients in Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray

The ingredients in Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray are listed as water, herbal extracts, flower extracts, plant seed extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, and propylparaben. 

The herbal extracts likely include catnip, as catnip is a common calming ingredient for cats. The specific flowers and plants used in the extracts are not disclosed. Propylene glycol helps dissolve the herbal extracts, while the parabens act as preservatives.

While the formula does contain some artificial ingredients like parabens, it is mostly plant-based. The essential oils and extracts provide calming effects for cats. According to reviews, it is an affordable and effective option for reducing anxiety in cats during stressful situations like vet visits or car rides. The spray can be applied to carriers, bedding, toys or other surfaces.

What pheromones are in catfood calming spray?

The search results did not provide clear information on the specific pheromones used in cat calming sprays. In general, cat calming sprays and other products contain synthetic versions of feline facial pheromones. 

These pheromones promote a sense of wellbeing and security in cats. Brands that advertise pheromones typically do not disclose the exact type or concentration. As the Clean Pet spray advertises itself as a “pheromone spray,” it likely contains synthetic cat pheromones3. Without more specifics from the manufacturer, the exact pheromones cannot be determined.

Does cat food calming spray contain catnip?

The search results did not mention catnip as an ingredient in any cat calming sprays besides Nature’s Miracle. Catnip was only discussed in the context of calming cats through other delivery methods like treats or raw catnip plant parts.

While catnip does have a calming effect on cats, sprays tend to rely more on pheromones, flower essences, and essential oils to reduce anxiety. Applying catnip oil directly to a cat’s fur could cause skin irritation. Since the search results did not list catnip as an ingredient for the other sprays, it appears these products do not contain catnip.

Are there any harmful chemicals in catfood calming sprays?

The Nature’s Miracle calming spray does contain some artificial preservatives like parabens and propylene glycol. None of the search results mentioned harmful chemicals in other cat calming spray brands like Clean Pet or Paws & Pals.

The Clean Pet spray advertises itself as all-natural, while Paws & Pals uses plant-based ingredients like lavender and chamomile extracts. These more natural formulas avoid harsh chemical additives. In general, cat calming sprays rely on gentle ingredients like essential oils, pheromones, and flower essences that are safe for cats when used properly. Applying sparingly as directed reduces any risk of skin irritation.

Reviews of Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray

Nature’s Miracle calming spray contains herbal extracts, flower extracts, plant seed extracts, essential oils, and pheromones to help relax cats. According to customer reviews on Amazon and specialty pet sites like Catster, the spray works relatively quickly, within 20 minutes in most cases. 

Customers report it being effective for calming cats during stressful situations like vet visits or car rides. They also like that it can be sprayed directly on the cat’s fur and bedding. Some downsides mentioned are that it contains chemical ingredients like parabens, has a strong odor, and can be flammable if sprayed near an open flame.

Overall reviews of the Nature’s Miracle calming spray are largely positive. Most cat owners say it helps soothe their anxious cats. They like that it works quickly without sedating the cat. Negative feedback focuses on the chemical ingredients and strong scent. Many customers feel it provides good value for the price. The company also makes popular cleaning and odor control products for pets.

Does cat calming spray work for anxious cats?

Yes, cat calming sprays that contain pheromones or natural relaxants like catnip or lavender can help relieve anxiety in cats. These sprays mimic feline facial pheromones, triggering a calming response. They also contain herbs cats enjoy, like catnip and valerian root, to produce a soothing effect. 

Customer reviews show calming sprays help cats relax during stressful car rides, vet exams, and introductions to new pets or people. Some sprays work in as little as 15-30 minutes. Effects can last hours depending on the product. Studies on synthetic feline pheromones confirm they reduce signs of stress like inappropriate elimination outside the litter box.

Have cat owners seen less spraying after using cat calming spray?

Some cat owners report seeing less urine spraying from anxious cats after using calming sprays, but evidence is mostly anecdotal. Urine spraying is often stress-related territorial marking. By reducing a cat’s anxiety with pheromones and soothing herbs, calming sprays may curb this behavior. 

No major studies confirm calming sprays directly reduce cat spraying on their own. They are usually recommended in conjunction with environmental changes and synthetic pheromone diffusers or collars. So calming sprays likely need to be part of a broader behavior modification plan. While customer reviews suggest they can lessen spraying, more research on their efficacy as a standalone solution is needed.

What do vets say about cat calming sprays?

Veterinarians generally approve of cat calming sprays as a supplementary tool for anxious cats, but warn about proper usage. Most vets recommend water or alcohol-based sprays with synthetic pheromones and safe herbs like catnip. They advise avoiding sprays with essential oils, which may irritate cats’ skin and respiratory tracts. 

Vets stress calming sprays are not a substitute for behavior therapy or medication if anxiety is severe. They suggest using sprays alongside changes to the cat’s environment and routine to reduce stress triggers. While supportive of calming sprays, vets consider them just one part of a comprehensive anxiety relief plan customized for the individual cat patient.


Is Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray safe for cats?

Yes, it contains soothing natural ingredients cats respond to, but don’t spray directly on cats.

Do calming sprays work for cats?

Calming sprays with pheromones or herbs like catnip can help relieve cat anxiety short-term.

What is the best spray for cats with anxiety?

Sprays with synthetic pheromones, catnip, lavender and chamomile can quickly calm anxious cats.

Where do you spray cat Calming Spray?

Spray cat calming formulas on bedding, carriers, floors and anywhere the cat spends time, but avoid direct skin contact.

How long does cat calming spray last?

Most calming sprays for cats provide 4+ hours of relaxing effects with one application. 


Nature’s Miracle makes sprays to help calm anxious cats. The calming sprays contain scents and oils that relax cats. The scents make cats feel safe. When a cat smells the spray, it gets less stressed. People spray it where the cat sleeps or rides in the car. The spray lasts for hours after using it. 

Cats do not get sleepy from the spray. It just makes them more calm. The Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray works well for many cats. Some cats may need more help to feel better. Owners should also find what makes the cat stressed. 

Fixing these things along with the spray works best. The spray helps cats stay relaxed during vet visits, car rides, and other things they do not like. It is safe if owners follow the directions. Nature’s Miracle spray can be part of helping a stressed cat feel better.

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